Board Elections

Dear CoHEsion Members:

The Board of Directors election process for 2017 has begun. An Election Committee will be formed consisting of CoHEsion members. This committee will review the submitted nominations and recommend a slate of candidates for approval to the CoHEsion Board of Directors. The approved candidates will be voted on (as an entire slate) at each of the Fall 2017 conferences.

If you would like to volunteer to be on the Election Committee please submit the Volunteer form.

To be considered for the Board of Directors, please submit your information via the Board of Directors Nomination Form.

CoHEsion Policies & Procedures (Pay special attention to Appendix A)
CoHEsion Bylaws

The Policies and Procedures describe the qualifications and obligations of the CoHEsion Board Members.

If you have any questions, please contact the our office at or 731-215-0259. We appreciate your support of our organization.

Meet the Board of Directors

Thank you
CoHEsion Board of Directors