CoHEsion Governance

CoHEsion Governance

The CoHEsion Board of Directors serves to manage the CoHEsion enterprise and provide leadership & direction for conference planning & execution. The also serve to direct product advocacy and serve as the focal point for executive level interaction with Platinum Sponsors. The Board of Directors has a minimum of seven (7) members, with the number always being odd.

Robert Nitsos
CoHEsion President (Term: 2017–2019)

Loyola Marymount University

Carole Wardroup
CoHEsion Vice President (Term: 2017–2019)

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Colette Williams
Secretary (Term: 2016–2018)

University of Memphis

Stacy Cornelius
Treasurer (Term: 2017–2019)

Brandman University

Jessica Ashbrook
Director at Large (Term: 2017–2018)

Lansing Community College

Bobbie Brown
Director Vendor Relations (Term: 2018–2020)

Texas Tech University

Linda Griffin
Director at Large (Term: 2018–2020)

Washburn University

Larry Holder
Director at Large (Term: 2018–2020)

University of Tennessee - Martin

Ali Penton
Director at Large (Term: 2016–2018)

University of West Florida