Call for Volunteers


Program Chair & Vice Program Chair

 Works with the Program Committee Track Chairs (with assistance from the CoHEsion Board) to solicit sessions which include but are not limited to presentations, panel discussions, and birds of a feather. The goal is to coordinate a varied program of interest to users of all the Ellucian solutions for education. Program Chair, Vice Program Chair, and a representative from the CoHEsion Board meets a few months prior to the conference to finalize the program (expenses paid by CoHEsion). 

Track Chairs

Recruit presentations, panels, etc. for a specific track (such as Student, Finance, Technical, etc.) of a variety of sessions. 

Registration Desk Help

Provide general registration assistance and answer basic conference questions. 

Conference Committee

Plan and deliver a well-balanced conference program, including an agenda of sessions for the various areas of interest at the CoHEsion conferences. Serving on the committee involves a commitment of both time and effort. Indicate the conference city, if any, you are interested in serving on next year. The Conference Committee meets just prior to the start of the conference (additional nights required would be at CoHEsion's expense). Members of the Conference Committee will receive a complimentary registration to the conference. Conference travel expenses, however, are the expense of the individual's institution. 

CoHEsion Subcommittees

 The organization has four sub-committees established and we are looking for volunteers that can serve the organization in membership drives, the election of new directors as well as two new initiatives. The Banner Report card will be CoHEsion’s tool for letting Ellucian know and understand what is important to the customer base and the Best School Initiative is a new idea to award institutions for innovation. At times other short term membership participation may be requested and will be communicated when required. 

  • Board of Directors Elections Committee is responsible for reviewing nominees’ qualifications, participate in committee conference calls, participate in telephone interviews with each nominee, select the candidates to fill the board vacant positions and present the committee’s recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. The slate of candidates will be presented to and voted on during the ‘Members Meetings’ at the annual conferences. Serving on the committee does involve a commitment of both time and effort.

  • Membership/Marketing Committee members will develop a plan and deliver a well-balanced strategy to recruit new members and spark continued interest in current members. Serving on the committee will involve a commitment of both time and effort.